When you have four exterior walls and some interior walls that will make up two bathrooms, a utility closet, and an office, then they all should meet up and be square and level and right….NO.  We spent most of the day moving the tops of the walls to level and making sure the interior walls were level.  Nailing them together and tying the interior walls to the exterior walls with top plates connecting everything together.

The roof trusses will go up tomorrow and we have to cut each one, there are 18 of them so the angle is squared up.  Long and complicated.

So, the rental company came and got Scott’s manlift and he didn’t have time to be sad about it but he thinks that if there is any work in the future that requires a ladder, he wants a manlift incorporated into the price because they are so much darn fun and because you save lots of time going up and down the ladder.

We thought we were suppose to be under an ice storm and as it turned out, we weren’t not really.  We did get some ice on top of the couple of inches of snow but nothing that stopped Scott & I from going to work.  We did start a little later than usual on the job but I spent a few hours this morning in the C & S office catching up and making phone calls. So much for a snow day and being off.

When we got to the garden center, we had to figure out how to get the ground cover off the roof area.  This was not easy nor fun.  Finally figured out how to do it and we took 2 x 4s and pushed up in between the roof trusses and got the snow on the floor and later had to scoop it up and move it by wheelbarrow there was so much but thankfully we got it all off and didn’t have any broken trusses.

Phone guy stopped by to see if the other phone guy had done something and the other phone guy had put in the splice.  So, someday, I might have a phone.

I did get the first of 3 quotes for electrical work.  OUCH can you say ouch. Okay, I need to say it again, ouch.  over $16,000.  It is a lot less work than our house.  Not even as much wiring.  Go figure.  I hope the other two are cheaper by about half.

I am sure there is more that I need to say but who knows what it is.


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