Smells like a nail salon

It was 56 degrees at 11 am today.  Yippee.  Shed the layers and lets get to cutting acrylic. But first, you must find a fine toothed saw blade.  First place, the blade seemed to aggressive. (not enough teeth).  Finally found one, 150 teeth and it was for plastic.  There are two walls that look like glass but they are acrylic, like what they use at the nail salons to give the ladies the big nice, unbreakable nails.  It has glass in it too but it doesn’t break like glass and is also cheaper.

Scott got some of the little things done today that needed to be done like tighten bolts, screw down the hangers for the knee bracing.

First thing we did was get the heaters hung. That was a little scary for me because I had to run the skid steer and the heaters were on a pallet but not strapped down. So, I am trying to steady them and Scott is like, we could have lifted them up here faster. I told him, I am moving them and they are not falling on my watch, too expensive a mistake. So he just had to wait.

Got them up there in the man lift which is Scott’s new favorite toy, it is like having moving scaffolding. You can go anywhere. Then we had to block them up so the heater would be high enough to mount. There is threaded rod that gets screwed into the heaters and they are just floating in the air held up by what looks like 4 long bolts.  I hope they stay up there.  I know they will but it seems odd that they are not mounted on top of the tubing instead they hang from the bottom of the tubing.

Tomorrow the goal is to get at least one wall framed up. I know we will get that done. It is suppose to be cold again tomorrow, 36 for the high. ugh.

The office living roof will be here next week. The components got done early so, we will have plants on it by the end of February.

Only 66 more days until opening.


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