Vent, no vent, Vent, no vent

This is how this argument has gone for the past few days. Scott will say we need the vent, then no, we don’t. See, we have two vents in the roof. Technically, the greenhouse is going to be for retail space and not all plants like a traditional greenhouse would be.

We had to take into account the side wall vent if we put it any lower and made it longer would hit someone in the head.  So, we shrunk it down and when we made it smaller it was less than two feet wide but 18 feet long.  The wall height is 10 feet so and with 2400 square feet of space, we decided that we really didn’t need it and if necessary, we can add “windows” later for more ventilation. 

Scott’s other argument was that it is retail space and not plant space and it cannot leak.  Putting more holes in the walls will create leaky spaces.  So, no more vent. 

So, after going back and forth and no one making a decision, I said just unscrew it all and lets move forward.

Got the wall facing Route 11 completed except for the knee wall.  The second door frame is complete.  Andy and Dave got the water line trench filled in with sand.  Dave got the rocks separated from the dirt and made a nice big pile.  When the stakebody starts again (thaws out) then we can start hauling rock down the road.

Saw Archie (our neighbor at home) and he showed us where we can dump said rock. Scott thinks we can get rid of about 20 dump loads. That will be good.

Made up another ad for the garden center for the Strasburg Rams Baseball program.  I am not for sure if anyone reads them but we need to get our name out there and everywhere.

I contacted a few local farms for fresh vegetables for this year. I got a reply and they might be able to help out with bedding plants and herbs but probably not vegetables.  I need to find a source for fresh vegetables.  I got the fruit covered.

We got our first snow this week and the snow was still on the roof of the greenhouse. This will probably be the only snow that actually stays on the roof.  When it warms up tomorrow, it will melt and the gutters will be full. So, we rigged up some “downspout pipe” to move the water away from the building.  It looks funny.

Met with one of the subs that will give us an estimate and at first, he was on his phone and it kept ringing. Instead of just turning it off, he kept answering it. Please, when I am trying to give you business, please, oh, did I say please? DON”T ANSWER IT. Thank you.


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