Doors and windows

We picked out doors and the final window in the greenhouse behind the sales counter.  The window will be a slide side window like at the ice cream stand but much bigger.  So, if you have a question, you can run up to the window, and ask away without having to trod through the door and finally get there.  Heck, I bet I could twitter with you about it too!!

We got 3 doors for the greenhouse. 2 are 6 foot wide with two doors. One is 42″ wide as a single door. I am not for sure if I like that.  I think we might need a double door there but we can change it later.

Andy and Dave finished the columns except one.  We talked to the brick place about bricks and hopefully they will be coming soon.  Mini-me wouldn’t start and neither would the skid steer.  And tomorrow it will be colder. Go figure.


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