When are weathermen right?

Today it snowed.  27 degrees was the high. Warm enough to freeze the road surface and make it a fun day of driving.

Scott worked on the greenhouse while I had a dentist appointment. I think I would have rather been working outside.

Andy and Dave spent most of the day getting the concrete cut for the pavers.  They couldn’t work on their job because the ground is frozen and they need to dig down in the dirt.

So, we had a fun time getting home today. Scott could have been a race car driving with his skill of survival in not becoming another casualty of the tiny snow storm.  An older gentleman was coming down the hill backwards (probably hit his brakes and lost all control.) and Scott was coming up the hill, in order to avoid the gentleman, Scott slid into the ditch, made a couple of people jump out the way and run into the woods.  Scott did a 360 and scooted back down the hill to safer territory.  The gentleman ended up the wrong way against a tree.

Then, we had to walk home, up the hill, toting 4 cloth bags of groceries.  Fun.

I did taxes tonight. Joy.


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