Can it get any colder?

Yesterday it was 6 below 0 when we left to work on the greenhouse. We start most days by leaving at 730 am and getting to the garden cneter by 8 am. I am usually bundled up pretty good. I need to figure out the sock thing. I have pretty much given up on the stores acutally carrying actual working out in the winter weather clothing that I can stay warm in all day long.

So, progress is being made. I have posted a bunch of photos to facebook and I need to get them over here. Will have to figure that out soon.

The roof is completely done, flashing is painted but needs to be a bit darker. Sherwin Williams “Secret Garden green. More olive tone than darker green, I think it needs to be darker, fixing that tomorrow. 2.5 sidewalls are closed in except for kneewall.  Acrylic was a bit of a challenge today but we got 12 panels up in 5 hours. That is pretty good. Acrylic is like glass -see through but not as fragile as glass. 

Part of the sidewall vent is completed. Needs to be framed together.

My fingers are raw from peeling off the paper plastic covering on the acrylic panels. Each panel is 3 feet wide 8 feet long and 8 mm thick. They have a sticky paper bag on both sides for protection.

Need sleep off to find it.


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