Another arrival

Got the panels to finish the roof today.  Tomorrow we will get these panels on the roof and hopefully beat the snow storm coming in on Thursday.

Got the ad finalized for our local yellow pages for this year.  Hopefully it will bring in some business.

Scott attempted to put up the X bracing on the roof as we didn’t have enough pieces when we tried to do it about a month ago. So, that shipment showed up last week.  Turns out they shipped 5 foot pieces instead of 10 foot pieces.  FUN.

I got the paperwork to get the FEIN and then we will be official. Now I am off to get the state tax info together so we can be official with Virginia. Shenandoah county does not have a business license program which I find odd. I would have thought they would want to track the businesses coming & going. But it is basically on an honor system. But their rates are a bit higher than what we have been paying with a business license. We will have to see how it all pans out.


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