So, if you were told that in order for you to get your power hooked up, you will have to pay $30,000.00?

That could buy a new pole shed x two. A new office space, pay for the Living Roofs for two buildings. Inventory. You get the pictue.

So, we started downsizing the project and trimming where we could. We did just that.

This week, Scott gets the phone call:

POWER MAN: “Are you sitting down”

Scott: Yes. (scrinching eyes, hoping the news isn’t as bad as it sounds and wondering if he is going to have a heart attack if it is $30,000)

POWER MAN: Well, it isn’t going to cost a dime. It is free, I worked it out, and got it to be zero. So, I hope that is alright.

Scott: I guess I owe you dinner.

POWER MAN: I will definitely take you up on that offer.

What a blessing this has turned out to be.


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