I think this rock is attached to Australia and they don’t want their rock back. It turns out the rock is limestone not bluestone.

Called a couple of dynamiters and no one was in the office or available to answer my question. How much does it cost to BLOW UP ROCK.

I guess they are so busy blowing up other people’s rock that I will have to wait until Monday.

Called the county to check on getting the sewer pipe in and they all leave early on Fridays. UGH. So Again, call back on Monday.

Called the Sanitation District about the sewer pipe and they said call the county. So, obviously I did that. Plus I asked about the fees for the sewer tap, it went up by $700 again. Now just so I can “hook it up myself”, $8,500.00 That’s a lot of expensive crap. In Front Royal, a nearby town, it is $10,000 and the town hooks it up for you. Go figure. One county away and the difference in price is crazy. But the funny thing is that in Warren County, a bit cheaper to get in but a lot harder to go through the process because NOTHING is by-right whereas in Shenandoah county a lot more expensive in some cases, double or triple the money. But, almost everything is by-right in some fashion.

So, Monday a hammer excavator company is going to meet Scott out there to see what he can do with this rock. I guess we will wait and see.

It is a lot cheaper doing it this way but I just want a stick of D Y N A M I T E!!


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